The Edward R. Murrow Award 2011

Clockwise from upper left: Abigail E. Disney, Pamela Hogan, Gini Reticker and Nina Chaudry

Best TV interpretation or documentary on international affairs


AWARD NAME: The Edward R. Murrow Award 2011

AWARD RECIPIENT: Abigail E. Disney, Pamela Hogan, Gini Reticker, Nina Chaudry, Peter Bull, Claudia Rizzi, Oriana Zill de Granados, Johanna Hamilton


AWARD HONORED WORK: “Women, War & Peace”

If the first victim of war is the truth, the second is women and children. The five-part series “Women, War & Peace” chronicles, in searing fashion, the victimization of women and their struggle to fight back in the wake of the most severe violence and depredation. In Liberia, women fed up with killing and destruction join hands and bring war-makers to heel. Watch as their nonviolent protests catch on throughout the region. In Afghanistan, women insist on being part of the peace process. Watch as their courageous stand changes the equation in their war-torn land. In Colombia, they clamor to draw attention to a forgotten guerilla conflict. Watch as their years-long struggle gets the headlines it deserves. And in Bosnia, women bear witness to systematic sexual assault. Watch as awareness of rape as a tool of war spreads throughout the world. After “Women, War & Peace,” viewers will never forget women’s role in global conflict.

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Citation for Excellence:
Dan Edge, Stephen Grey, Martin Smith, Raney Aronson, David Fanning
Frontline / WGBH