The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award 2005

Best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise


AWARD NAME: The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award 2005

RECIPIENT: Chris Hondros


HONORED WORK: “One Night in Tal Afar”

Suicide bombers or innocent civilians? Tragically, Hondros witnessed U.S. troops opening fire on а car that kept advancing on a checkpoint even after warning shots had been fired. In the front seat, both mother and father were killed instantly and one of the six children behind them was seriously wounded. The immediacy of these images places us inside the chilling action in an Iraqi city under siege. Most heartbreaking is the photograph of a young girl shrieking while splattered with the blood of her dead parents.

Citation for Excellence:

Stephen Dupont
Contact Press Images—The New York Times
“Embed with the 173rd Airborne, Afghanistan”