The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award 2010


Agnes Dherbeys


AWARD NAME: The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award 2010


AWARD RECIPIENT AFFILIATION: Freelance for The New York Times

AWARD HONORED WORK: Violence Erupts in Thailand

Agnes Dherbeys took great risk to photograph violent anti-government riots in Thailand. Her images are close-up, powerful and direct. She worked day and night, photographing clashes that saw anti-government protesters both attacking soldiers as well as being attacked. Her images were an emotional rendering of the chaotic and dangerous scenes around her.


Protesters form a human shield under assault from the Thai Army near Ratchadamnoen Avenue in Bangkok.

Red Shirts stand against Thai Army soldiers in Ratchadamnoen avenue near the Democracy Monument in Bangkok.

A Red Shirt protestor takes cover on Rama IV road in Bangkok.

Thai troops form a phalanx on Silom Road near rival protestors (red-shirt anti-government and pro-government) in Bangkok after 5 grenades exploded in the city's business district on April 22, 2010.

A man with a gun shouts at the photographer for taking pictures.

A protester attacks Thai Army soldiers in Lumpini Park, Bangkok.

A protester shot in the head on Rama IV road in Bangkok. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived as a crowd of onlookers and journalists gathered.

A Red Shirt protester who has been shot is carried away. Fighting between the Red Shirts and army was intense in Ratchadamnoen Avenue near Democracy Monument in Bangkok on April 10th, 2010.

Agnes Dherbeys: "I accompanied one medic, two photographers, one Thai soldier and one Red Shirt into the street from Ratchadamnoen avenue, where the battle was the worst between army and Red Shirts protesters. Someone brought a stretcher to carry a second injured soldier. When we got up and in spite the fact that we showed to the army further down the street we were carrying an injured man, we got shot at. The Red Shirt protester and the second soldier were injured. Some unidentified snipers were also present at the site of clashes, so it is unclear who actually shot the second soldier and the medic."

General Khattiya Sawasdipol Aka Seh Daeng during his patrol in the Red Shirt zone.