The Bob Considine Award 2020

Mary Beth Sheridan, left, and Kevin Sieff

Best newspaper, news service or digital interpretation of international affairs


AWARD NAME: The Bob Considine Award 2020

AWARD RECIPIENTS: Mary Beth Sheridan and Kevin Sieff


AWARD HONORED WORK: “Losing Control”

AWARD SPONSOR: William J. Holstein and Rita Sevell

The state capture of Mexico’s government by narcotraffickers could not be a more important story, but it is also one whose telling is fraught with danger. By uncovering the shocking truths of how pervasive corruption and violence has become in Mexico, the series epitomized great foreign correspondence: it tackled an important truth authorities have worked hard to hide and showed great bravery in exposing it. Importantly, the judges also felt the series was compellingly told, with each installment exposing a new horror in a clear narrative that kept readers glued to the end. Online, it was beautifully presented with innovative design elements and graphics that only enhanced the more traditional journalistic elements.

Links to the winning work:

As Mexico’s Security Deteriorates, the Power of the Military Grows

The Search for the Disappeared Points to Mexico’s Darkest Secrets

The Sniper Rifles Flowing to Mexican Cartels Show a Decade of U.S. Failure

With Its Leader in Jail, This City Cowered to His Will

Violent Criminal Groups Are Eroding Mexico’s Authority and Claiming More Territory

Citation for Excellence:
The New York Times Staff
“Behind the Curve”

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