01 The Hal Boyle Award 2022

Best newspaper, news service or digital reporting from abroad

AWARD NAME: The Hal Boyle Award 2022
RECIPIENT: Mstyslav Chernov, Evgeniy Maloletka, Vasilisa Stepanenko, Lori Hinnant and AP Staff
AFFILIATION: The Associated Press
HONORED WORK: “Erasing Mariupol”

Even in a year that featured some of this generation’s most compelling and essential war correspondence from the frontlines in Ukraine, the judges felt The Associated Press’s coverage of the siege of Mariupol stood apart both for its bravery and its impact. The AP team bore witness to atrocities that would have otherwise gone untold, acts that shocked the international community and put paid to Russian propaganda aimed at convincing global opinion of the Kremlin’s good intentions. In the view of the judges, the AP’s coverage was courageous, harrowing and indispensable, and serves as a model of what war reporting should aim to achieve.

Links to the honored work:

  1. “Ukraine’s Mariupol Descends Into Despair”
  2. 20 Days in Mariupol – The Team that Documented City’s Agony
  3. Mariupol Medic Body Camera
  4. AP Evidence Points to 600 Dead in Mariupol Theater Airstrike
  5. Famed Ukrainian Medic Describes Hell of Russian Captivity
  6. The Mouth of a Bear – Ukrainian Refugees Sent to Russia
  7. The Impossible – Ukraine’s Secret Deadly Rescue Missions
  8. How Moscow Grabs Ukrainian Kids and Makes them Russians
  9. Russia Scrubs Mariupol’s Ukraine Identity, Builds on Death
  10. ONLY ON AP: Mass graves found in Izium
  11. Russia Ukraine Business Treatment of Prisoners Government and Politics
  12. AP: Closer to 600 dead in Mariupol theater attack
  13. Ukrainian Medic Is Captured After Documenting War
  14. Occupied Mariupol: Russia wipes out city’s history

Citation for Excellence:
Yaroslav Trofimov and James Marson
The Wall Street Journal
“Dispatches from Ukraine’s Front Lines”