06 The Lowell Thomas Award 2020

Best radio, audio or podcast coverage of international affairs


AWARD NAME: The Lowell Thomas Award 2020

AWARD RECIPIENTS: Maria Hinojosa, Julieta Martinelli, Fernanda Camarena, Benjamin Alfaro and Marlon Bishop

AWARD RECIPIENT AFFILIATION: Latino USA with support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

AWARD HONORED WORK: “The Moving Border”


This series captures not only how U.S. border policies have had a terrifying and lethal impact on asylum seekers and migrants, but also how Mexico has militarized its own southern border and blocked the free movement of people from Central America. Maria Hinojosa and team tell the human stories and connect the policy dots to show how the Mexican government is no longer bowing to economic pressure from the U.S. on immigration but instead, has its own new harsh stance that criminalizes the quest for safe haven across the Americas and exposes the continent’s most vulnerable people to unprecedented dangers.

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Citation for Excellence:
Keegan Hamilton, Jesse Alejandro Cottrell, Annie Avilés and Kate Osborn
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