15 The Madeline Dane Ross Award 2022

Best international reporting in the print medium or digital showing a concern for the human condition

AWARD NAME: The Madeline Dane Ross Award 2022
RECIPIENT: Sarah Souli
AFFILIATION: The Atavist Magazine
HONORED WORK: “A Matter of Honor”

With scant clues and ironclad determination, reporter Sarah Souli set off on a yearslong investigation into the execution-style killings of three Afghan refugee women on the Greek-Turkish border. This vividly told saga reveals how, at every step, the resilience and small acts of ordinary people kept the case active despite myriad hardships and geopolitical obstacles that easily could have rendered the women forgotten. Like the characters she encountered, Souli refuses to give up until the mystery is solved and the slain women receive some measure of justice.

Link to the honored work:
A Matter of Honor

Citation for Excellence:
Juliet Linderman, Claire Galofaro and Martha Mendoza
The Associated Press
“Afghan Couple Accuse US Marine of Abducting their Baby”