The Roy Rowan Award 2020

Dake Kang

Best investigative reporting in any medium on an international story


AWARD NAME: The Roy Rowan Award 2020

AWARD RECIPIENTS: Dake Kang and AP Staff


 AWARD HONORED WORK: “China Cracks Down”


The AP disclosed how specific actions by China all but assured the spread of Covid around the world and inflicted draconian human rights abuses on the nation’s Uighur minority. Led by AP Beijing reporter Dake Kang, the series revealed that for six days China’s leaders held off alerting the public as to the great danger posed by the virus, setting the stage for its global spread. The AP team obtained thousands of pages of internal Chinese government documents and conducted hundreds of interviews at great personal risk – in Wuhan at the height of the epidemic and often at night, using encrypted messages and multiple phones to avoid detection by Chinese police.

Read the winning work here:
China didn’t warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days

AP China delayed releasing coronavirus info, frustrating WHO

China testing blunders stemmed from secret deals with firms

China clamps down in hidden hunt for coronavirus origins

In China’s Xinjiang, forced medication accompanies lockdown

China’s ‘War on Terror’ uproots families, leaked data shows

China cuts Uighur births with IUDs, sterilization, abortion (with video)

China-made phones, tablets tainted by coerced Uighur labor

Citation for Excellence:

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, FRONTLINE, The New York Times and 34 other media partners
“Luanda Leaks”

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