April 25, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

Annual Awards Dinner Slideshow

Click the white arrows or swipe on mobile devices to see photos from this year’s Annual Awards Dinner. All photos by Steve Moore.

OPC President Marcus Mabry presents the President’s Award to David Fanning. Photo: Steve Moore

Jason Rezaian of The Washington Post lights the Candle of Concern. Photo: Steve Moore

Awards Dinner co-chairs William J. Holstein and Sarah Lubman. Photo: Steve Moore

Presenter Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace announces winners at the Annual Awards Dinner. Photo: Steve Moore

OPC Treasurer Tim Ferguson, left, Emily Glazer and Ken Sweet listen to the awards presentation. Photo: Steve Moore

Guests mingle during a reception after the awards dinner. Photo: Steve Moore

From left: Ali Rezaian, Yegana Rezaian and Jason Rezaian. Photo: Steve Moore

Left to right: David Rohde of Reuters, OPC Executive Director Patricia Kranz and Joel Simon. Photo: Steve Moore

From left: OPC Governor Minky Worden, Kathleen Hunt, Evelyn Leopold and Koh Gui Qing of Reuters. Photo: Steve Moore

Guests enjoy cocktails at a reception sponsored by Lenovo. Photo: Steve Moore

Left to right: Tracey Samuelson, Deborah Clark, awards presenter Kai Ryssdal and OPC Secretary Deidre Depke, all from Marketplace. Photo: Steve Moore

From left: Roberta Thomson of Facebook, OPC Governor Mary Rajkumar and Awards Dinner co-chair

Left to right: Audrey Topping, Cyma Rubin and Seymour Topping. Photo: Steve Moore

Left to right: Leah Spiro, Awards Dinner co-chair Bill Holstein and Deidre Depke. Photo: Steve Moore

Left to right: David Fanning, Renata Simone and Patricia Kranz. Photo: Steve Moore

From left: Milanka Muecke of Lenovo, Sarah Lubman and former OPC President Michael Serrill. Steve Moore