May 21, 2022

Geek Nation: Meet Best-Selling Author Angela Saini

An evening with Angela Saini, award-winning science journalist based in London and author of Geek Nation: How Indian Science is Taking over the World. About Geek Nation: “600,000 engineers graduate from Indian universities and colleges every year, and they, along with the country’s scientists, doctors and inventors, are set to transform the country into a technological and scientific superpower.

Geek Nation is a journey to meet the inventors, engineers and young scientists behind this nation built not on conquest, oil or minerals, but on the scientific ingenuity of its people. She weaves the story of how ancient science is giving way to the new, and how the technology of the wealthy passes to the poor. “

Geek Nation is among the top 10 bestselling business books in India.

Saini is an award-winning independent journalist based in London.

Wine and cheese