April 12, 2024

Media Briefing for ‘Trials of Spring’


In anticipation of the New York
 launch and world premiere of
the documentary The
Trials of Spring
, the cast and filmmakers will be available for a media briefing
by phone on Tuesday, June 2 at 2:30 p.m.

Watch The Trials of Spring trailer

Trials of Spring
 is a documentary
event that chronicles the stories of nine women who played central roles in the
Arab Spring uprisings and their aftermaths in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria,
Bahrain and Yemen. It includes a feature-length documentary, six short films,
articles by award-winning journalists, and a robust social media conversation
about women and their unwavering quest for social justice and freedom.

 press@boomgenstudios.com to RSVP, schedule a screening or for
any other media requests.

learn more about the event, please visit the project’s media room here.