May 21, 2022

Photo Workshop: The personal documentary With Erica McDonald and Andrew Sullivan

The workshop “The Personal Documentary” held in team by New York photographers Erica McDonald and Andrew Sullivan from May 22-28 emphasizes the power of personal vision. Through an intensive course of study and practice, the participants will deepen their understanding of the documentary tradition and its methods as they create personally relevant essays.

The participants will refine the skills needed to produce dynamic, insightful images infused with feeling. Through group critiques and one-on-one conversations, we’ll discuss creativity, photographic craftsmanship and strategies for making that elusive next step. We’ll work towards photographing with personality, using new approaches and classic techniques in our daily visual explorations.

While we will stress working freely with intuition, students are asked to research potential project ideas before arriving in New York and to be prepared to start photographing at the beginning of the workshop. Daily group editing sessions will offer chances for open conversation and expanded potential for learning more about the elements of successful photographs and essays. The workshop will call for long hours working in the field so students may absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible.

At the workshop’s end we will celebrate by sharing the students’ best work of the week. Students can expect to leave with a new body of work and a strengthened foundation for continuing their photographic journeys.

This city leaves a mark. You can feel its energy when you arrive and long after you’ve left. New York won’t let you go. Embrace the city and see what it reveals to you. Breathe it in. Make images. Develop.

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