April 23, 2024

Silurians Lunch With Lynn Sherr

Lynn Sherr, the longtime print and television journalist, will join the Society of the Silurians for a lunch event to discuss her outstanding career and her new book about astronaut Sally Ride.

Sherr, an ace reporter, called her 2006 autobiography “Outside the Box: My Unscripted Life of Love, Loss and Television News.” She is one of the groundbreaking, yet somewhat unsung, heroines who helped propel women to the forefront of the news business by declining to take a lot of guff and producing outstanding stories.

Courageous and consistently excellent, Sherr covered politics, space, health and a myriad of other subjects for ABC News for three decades. She also chronicled the personal ups and downs of her own health and that of her late husband and has written other books about Susan B. Anthony, the song: (“America The Beautiful”), swimming (“Swim: Why We Love Water”) and giraffes. (“Tall Blondes.”)

Silurians are encouraged to bring a guest – preferably a potential member – and make reservations by e-mailing first vice president Betsy Ashton at bfashton@gmail.com or calling the Silurians reservation line at 212 532-0887.

$45 for members, $50 for guests. Cash, check or credit card (a small fee for this) and remember, Lynn’s new Sally Ride book also will be for sale at a steeply discounted price (under $20).

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