August 17, 2022

Event Coverage Highlight

VIDEO CLIPS: UN’s Role in the World Today

Stephen Schlesinger

Abdelkader Abbadi

Ian Williams

Richard Roth

On Oct. 4, 2016, the Overseas Press Club hosted panel with a host of veteran experts on the United Nations to discuss current international conflicts, challenges and crises, including peacekeeping, human rights, and humanitarian efforts around the world, as well as the prospects for the UN in the year ahead.

Panelists were Stephen Schlesinger, historian and author; Abdelkader Abbadi, UN correspondent and former director of the UN’s Department of Political Affairs; Richard Roth, CNN’s veteran UN Correspondent; and Ian Williams, UN correspondent for The Nation.

The panel was moderated by OPC member Linda Fasulo veteran independent correspondent for NPR News at the UN.

Click on the window below to watch the whole program.