Kapuscinski Award Announced

The Ryszard Kapuściński Award for literary reportage was established and
announced last month, on the third anniversary of the author’s death,
by the City of Warsaw and Poland’s largest daily newspaper, Gazeta

The city of Warsaw and Gazeta Wyborcza have established the Ryszard Kapuściński Award. The award will be given on a yearly basis to the finest piece of literary reportage published in book form in the Polish language. The first winner will be declared in May. The goal of the competition is to pay posthumous tribute to  Kapuściński, a resident of Warsaw for more than 60 years, through this distinction and the promotion of the most valuable works of reportage, which take up important problems of contemporary life, prompt reflection, and increase our knowledge of the world of other cultures. The winner will be awarded 50,000 zł, and should the award be given to a foreign-language writer, the Polish translator will also be given an award (15,000 zł.).

OPC co-sponsored a two-day event
in the fall of 2009 that discussed
Kapuściński’s legacy and the “Art of Reportage.”