OPC Donates Money for Hostile Environment Training in Beirut

by Patricia Kranz

The OPC is pleased to announce it is donating $5,500 to pay the cost of one of three trainers at a hostile environment and first aid training course (HEFAT) in Beirut for freelance and local journalists during the last week of November. The program is run by the ACOS Alliance in partnership with International Women’s Media Foundation, Samir Kassir Eyes Center, Golf Center for Human Rights, Frontline Freelance Register, Rory Peck Trust and the Maries Colvin Journalists’ Network.

The trainer, Cath Mossom, has regularly trained and worked with the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, CBC, News UK, Independent Production companies as well as other corporate clients.

The OPC raised money to support freelancer safety training at the annual awards dinner in April. This is the first of many investments in training the OPC plans to make.

To apply for the training, please contact Elisabet Cantenys, elisabet@acosalliance.org and check the ACOS Alliance website for updates.