Photos from the OPC’s 2019 Holiday Party

On January 9, the OPC hosted its annual holiday party at the dining room of Club Quarters. OPC members and guests chatted over cocktails and a buffet dinner to help launch this year’s calendar of club events. Click through the gallery below to see photos from the party, all taken by OPC member John Naughton.

OPC Past Presidents, left to right: Michael Serrill, Bill Holstein, Pancho Bernasconi, Deidre Depke and Allan Dodds Frank. Photo: John Naughton

Left to right: Linda Fasulo, Deidre Depke and Patricia Kranz. Photo: John Naughton

Left to right: Patricia Kranz, Michael Serrill and Minky Worden. Photo: John Naughton

Left to right: Andy Katell, Emma Daly and Evelyn Leopold. Photo: John Naughton

Pete Engardio, left, and Bill Collins. Photo: John Naughton

Eleanor Natili, left, and Farwa Zaidi. Photo: John Naughton

Albert Goldson. Photo: John Naughton

Clarissa McNair, center, chats with other guests over dinner. Photo: John Naughton