April 23, 2024

Press Freedom


OPC Response to Mexico Murder Beyond Outrage

H.E. Felipe Calderon
Residencia Official de los Pinos
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11850 Mexico, DF
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Your Excellency:

The response to some crimes goes beyond words and beyond outrage.  The murder and decapitation of Notiver reporter, Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz, last week is the latest such example to come out of Mexico.

As you must know by now, Ordaz was abducted by armed men as she left her home in Veracruz on July 24.  Her body was found two days later near the offices of Imagen newspaper — a placement assumed to be a deliberate warning to other journalists.

Ordaz was a well-known reporter for Notiver, where she worked the police beat for more than 30 years.  According to the state prosecutor, Reynaldo Escobar Pérez, the evidence so far suggests that her killing is the work of organized criminal gangs.  According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, Magda Zayas, is saying that Ordaz’s work for Notiver may have made her a target.

More alarming, Ordaz’s corpse was found with a note that seems to connect her murder with that of her close friends: columnist, Miguel Angel López Velasco, his wife and his son (a newspaper photographer).  “Friends can also betray you,” read the note, which was signed “Carranza”.  According to the Associated Press, state investigators are treating former traffic police officer Juan Carlos Carranza Saavedra as the main suspect in the murder of the López family.

Mexico, as we do not need to tell you, is among the world’s most dangerous countries to be a reporter, and has become steadily more threatening in the past three years.  According to the CPJ, 15 journalists, now including Ordaz, have been killed in the last 18 months.  Just in Veracruz, four journalists have been killed since 2011 began.  In addition to Ordaz, López and his son — a columnist for La Verdad de Jáltipan, Noel López Olguín, was found buried in a makeshift grave on May 31.

Certainly, we are well aware of the progress Mexico is making on the economic front.  That bodes well for the nation’s democracy and bodes ill for the forces that would undermine it.  But in the absence of strong protection for free expression, no democracy can prosper.

With last week’s horrifying murder, the name of Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz is now added to the list of reporters who have given their lives for Mexico.

Respectfully yours,
Kevin McDermott
Larry Martz
Co-chairs – Freedom of the Press Committee


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