ACOS Alliance to Help Freelancers with Safety Course

The ACOS Alliance is offering assistance for 16 freelance journalists to access an online safety training course produced by Silk Road. More details here and to apply, complete this form by Friday 15, May 2020.

Starting on June 1, 2020, selected participants will have free access for 30 days to five online modules covering different thematic areas relevant to working in a hostile environment. The course includes video presentations, interactive presentations, quizzes, 360 degree films and a series of live webinars.

Participants must meet these requirements:

  • Secure access to a laptop, computer or tablet; and a good internet connection. Participants should be able to log in to Silk Road’s training platform using a unique password, play videos, download materials, and connect to live webinars (camera and headphones or speakers needed).
  • Participants don’t need a virtual reality headset. This will enhance the 360 degree film experience, but it’s not a requirement.
  • Be proficient in English. The course content is currently only available in this language.
  • Priority will be given to freelance journalists covering stories in hostile environments. The course is open to freelancers in need of a refresher.

The ACOS Alliance and Silk Road are eager to evaluate the impact and performance of this course, and participants are expected to provide comprehensive feedback. The Alliance seeks to formulate lessons learned and share these with the wider community, so ACOS signatories and partners can benefit from our experience.

ACOS is also working with our partners at FPU, IREX, IMS and FPF on updating the mapping of safety training activities we conducted last year, so stakeholders can gain an understanding of how we all are responding to the crisis. NGOs working on safety training will receive the mapping survey shortly.