July 15, 2024

Digital Tools


Signal – An app for iPhone and Android phones that allows you to do end-to end encrypted phone communication.

TOR – A browser that encrypts Internet traffic and obscures your location then by bouncing it off of computers around the world.

OnionShare – A Dropbox-like file sharing service for sending files between computers over the TOR network securely.

Tails – A secure operating system you can boot to using a USB stick, so you’re not actually using your normal computer. It’s a version of LINEX that is more anonymous and private, with information routed through TOR.

PGP – Pretty Good Privacy keys give you a way to send messages from one email to another without allowing outsiders to read them. A good resource to get started with PGP is available at Keybase.IO

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – A Surveillance Self Defense Guide for journalists.

Google News Lab:

Tools and Training
News Lab lessons are designed to help you learn the best ways to use Google tools for reporting and storytelling.

Digital News Initiative
The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a collaboration between Google and news publishers in Europe to support high quality journalism and encourage a more sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation.

Project Shield
Project Shield uses Google’s technology to protect websites at risk and keep them online.

Google Trends
See the latest trends, data and visualizations from Google. Find out what’s trending near you right now.

YouTube Newswire
The YouTube Newswire is the comprehensive hub for eyewitness videos from emerging news events around the world on YouTube.

Eyewitness Media
People around the world capture unexpected, entertaining, historical and newsworthy moments on their smartphones everyday. Some of the most defining news footage and popular viral content of the past few years was filmed by an eyewitness. These photographs and videos are utilised by broadcasters, publishers, creative agencies and brands who seek to feature them in their own reporting and storytelling.

First Draft
Essential newsgathering and verification resources for journalists.

Multiplatform content studio and I.P. incubator that helps creators tell stories.