15 The Madeline Dane Ross Award 2014

Jason Motlagh, left, and Atish Saha

Jason Motlagh, left, and Atish Saha


AWARD NAME: The Madeline Dane Ross Award

AWARD RECIPIENT: Jason Motlagh and Atish Saha

AWARD RECIPIENT AFFILIATION: The Virginia Quarterly Review

AWARD HONORED WORK: The Ghosts of Rana Plaza

The Madeline Dane Ross Award goes to the best international reporting in the print medium showing a concern for the human condition. That requirement is impossible to quantify – it must be felt. Of the nearly 40 submissions to this category, “The Ghosts of Rana Plaza” evoked the deepest of feelings, of sympathy for and outrage over the horrendous death of 1,100 workers in Dhaka as a result of a factory collapse on April 24, 2013. The piece renders in heartbreaking detail the humanity of the victims and their would-be rescuers, linking them to all of us through the clothing that Bangladesh produces in vast quantities for the rest of the world. Our cheap jeans come at the cost of their lives. The story was painstakingly reported by Jason Motlagh, movingly photographed by Motlagh and Atish Saha and superbly edited and presented by the Virginia Quarterly Review.