October 17, 2018

People Column

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September 2018
This month’s People column features updates on OPC Foundation scholars Valerie Hopkins, Ben Hubbard, and Pete Vernon; notable award winners David A. Andelman, Coleen Jose, Jan Hendrik Hinzel, Kim Wall, Nicholas Kristof, Nicole Tung, Abigail Pesta, Margie Mason, Robin McDowell, Martha Mendoza and Karen Amanda Toulon; as well as updates on OPC members and Governors, past and present, including Christiane Amanpour, Chrystia Freeland, Vivienne Walt, Beth Knobel, Stephen Shepard, Ruchi Kumar, Marcela Gaviria, Martin Smith, Rukmini Callimachi, Stefania Rousselle and Markos Kounalakis.
July-August 2018
OPC SCHOLARS Charles Rollet, who received the Jerry Flint Fellowship for International Business Reporting winner in 2017, won a 2018 Gerard Loeb Award along with his colleagues at The Wall Street Journal in the international category for the paper’s series entitled “China’s Surveillance State.” Rollet was posted at the Journal’s bureau in Beijing as an…
June 2018
This month features media industry news, as well as updates on OPC Foundation scholars Dake Kang and Adriane Quinlan; OPC Governors Charles Graeber, Minky Worden and Azmat Khan; OPC members Norman Pearlstine, Jesse Pesta, Theo Padnos, David Rohde, Kumiko Makihara, Anand Gopal, Jim Brooke, Steve Herman, Rachel Donadio, Scott Gilmore, Simcha Jacobovici, Aurora Almendral and Suzanne Sataline; and OPC Award winners Larry Burrow, Susannah George and Clay Bennett.
April-May 2018
This month features an extended People column to catch up on notable news, including updates on OPC Scholars Ed Ou, Tom Finn, Pete Vernon, Sam McNeil, Sara Dadouch, Emily Steel, Jenny Gross and Marina Walker Guevara; winners of non-OPC journalism awards including OPC member David Furst, OPC Governor Vivienne Walt, as well as OPC awards winners Clare Baldwin Andrew R.C. Marshall and Manuel Mogato. Also read updates on OPC Governors David Ariosto, Rukmini Callimachi, Liam Stack, Abigail Pesta, Anjali Kamat, Lara Setrakian, Molly Bingham, Christopher Dickey and Azmat Khan; OPC members Nick Schifrin, Kim Murphy, Daniel Sieberg, Mort Rosenblum Alexis Okeowo, Jon Sawyer, Cassandra Vinograd, Mort Rosenblum, Emily Steel, Ceylan Yeginsu, Rod Nordland, Lenora Chu, Jim Huylebroek andNeeta Satam. We also remember the passing of notable international journalists, including William Prochnau, Joan Konner and Anna Chennault.
February-March 2018
This issue’s People column features updates on OPC Foundation scholars Ben Taub, Michael Miller and Caelainn Hogan; OPC President Deidre Depke; OPC Governor Christopher Dickey; as well as OPC members Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews, Louise Boyle, Ian Williams, Cassandra Vinograd, Jaime Florcruz, Ruchi Kumar, Ivan Flores and Anna Pujol-Mazzini.
January 2018
This issue’s People column features updates on OPC Foundation scholars Anupreeta Das, Paul Sonne, Diksha Madhok, Katie Paul and Edward Wong; OPC award winners Hannah Dreier and Masha Gessen; OPC Governors Pancho Bernasconi, Rukmini Callimachi, Emma Daly, Josh Fine, Azmat Khan, Abigail Pesta, Roxana Saberi and Lara Setrakian; as well as members Hannah Allam and Anand Gopal.
November-December 2017
This issue’s People column features updates on OPC Foundation scholars J.p. Lawrence and Michael E. Miller, award winner Abigail Pesta, past OPC award winners Bryan Denton, Sergey Ponomarev, Chris Hondros, Malia Politzer, Steve Sack, Daniel Berehulak and Masha Gessen; plus updates on OPC Governors Azmat Khan and Vivienne Walt, as well as and members Christiane Amanpour, Judith Matloff, Deborah Amos, Jonathan Kapstein, Andrew Lluberes, and Daniel Sieberg.
October 2017
In the October 2017 issue of the Bulletin, read updates on OPC scholar Sam Kimball, OPC Treasurer Abigail Pesta, Governors Bill Collins and David Furst, members Ruth Gruber and Yvonne Dunleavy; and OPC award winners Meridith Kohut and Elizabeth Dwoskin. Also in our “People Remembered” section read about the passing of former OPC member Wilbur Landrey, legendary Associated Press reporter Richard Pyle, and Diana Kaff, journalist and wife of past OPC member Albert Kaff.
September 2017
In the September 2017 issue of the Bulletin, Amy Russo’s first time taking over the People column, read about OPC scholars Jad Sleiman and Leah Finnegan; as well as updates on OPC award winners Masha Gessen and Hannah Dreier; OPC Governors Rukmini Callimachi, Paula Dwyer and Molly Bingham; and club members David Rohde, Adi Ignatius, R Aronson-Rath, Andrew Metz, Michael Moran and Ben Taub. This month we also honor the passing of OPC members Kim Wall, Rachael Bail and John Morris.
July-August 2017
This month, catch updates on OPC Foundation scholars Elizabeth Barchas Prelogar, Jeff Horwitz, Derek Kravitz and Marina Walker Guevara. Read about recent award winners, including OPC Treasurer Abigail Pesta; OPC members David Rohde, Brett Forrest; and former OPC Award winners Stephen Grey, Nelson D. Schwartz, Margie Mason, Martha Mendoza and Tom Burgis. Plus, read updates on OPC members and former OPC Award winners, including Norman Pearlstine, Christopher Sherman, Rodrigo Abd, David Friend, Adriana Loureiro Fernandez, Dean Baquet, Alessandria Masi, Mukhtar Ibrahim and Daniel Sieberg.