August 2, 2021

People Column

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July 9, 2021
This issue, see updates on OPC Foundation scholars Luca Powell, Anna Kaiser, Annie Rosenthal, Jack Stone Truitt, Genevieve Finn, Sophia Jones, Marton Dunai; and OPC members Jaime FlorCruz, Pete Hamill, Judith Matloff, Madeline Gunderson, Kenneth R. Rosen, Aurora Almendral, Jessica Obert, Megha Rajagopalan and Kristen Chick.
June 18, 2021
In this installment of People, catch up on OPC Foundation scholars Brett Simpson, Annie Todd, A.J. Naddaff, Claire Parker, Serginho Roosblad, Jp Lawrence, Portia Crowe and Tess Taylor; notable awards for people with ties to the OPC including Lila Hassan, Steve Raymer, Rukmini Callimachi, Megha Rajagopalan, Alison Killing, Christo Buschek, Joshua Irwandi, Dake Kang, Margie Mason, Robin McDowell and Tyler Hicks; and updates on members Jodi Schneider, Sarah Lubman , Abigail Pesta, Andrew Nagorski and Ben Taub as well as OPC award winners Maggie Anderson and Maria Hinojosa.
June 3, 2021
This week, updates on OPC Foundation scholars Kantaro Komiya, Sandali Handagama and Diana Kruzman; OPC members Mellissa Fung, Brady Ng, Cassandra Vinograd, Abigail Pesta, Martin Smith, Robert Nickelsberg and Nicolas Niarchos; and past OPC award winners Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Carolyn Cole and a remembrance of citation winner Clarence A. Robinson Jr.
May 21, 2021
This issue, updates on OPC Foundation scholars Annie Rosenthal, Genevieve Finn, Olivia Crellin, Valerie Hopkins, Michael E. Miller, Yi-Ling Liu, and Jesse Coburn; as well as updates on members Nicole Tung, Sudarsan Raghavan, a movie based on the life of OPC member Viola Drath, Barbie Latza Nadeau, and media news about The Washington Post’s new top editor, Sally Buzbee...
May 7, 2021
SCHOLARS Anna Jean Kaiser, the 2021 Sally Jacobsen Fellowship winner, has been chosen as a 2021 Report for America corps member. She will be part of a team focusing on economic mobility in Dade County for the Miami Herald. Miami-Dade has shifted from a place where a middle income provided a comfortable life for hundreds…
April 21, 2021
This issue, updates on OPC Foundation scholars Leah Finnegan, Meg Bernhard and Claire Parker, OPC Governor Derek Kravitz, OP Past President Allan Dodds Frank, OPC Award winner Alessandra Galloni, OPC Past President David Andelman, and members Robert Nickelsberg and Charles Graeber.
April 8, 2021
In this installment of the People column, read updates about OPC Foundation scholar Tik Root, OPC Governor Sandra Stevenson and OPC members Sonali Prasad, John R. MacArthur, Sima Diab, Sudarsan Raghavan, Rachel Donadio, Borzou Daragahi and Past President Roy Rowan...
March 25, 2021
OPC MEMBERS COVERING COVID-19 OPC member Keith Bradsher co-wrote a piece for The New York Times on March 21 with colleague Sui-Lee Wee about the ripple effects of China’s strict border closures and quarantine measures over the last year. To stanch the spread of coronavirus, China banned tourists and short-term business travelers, and ramped up…
March 11, 2021
This week, catch up on OPC Foundation scholars Meena Venkataramanan Yi-Ling Liu and Kimon de Greef, and updates on Yvonne Dunleavy, Derek Kravitz, Edith Lederer, Barbie Latza Nadeau, Ryan Delaney and Dexter Filkins.
Feb. 25, 2021
SCHOLARS Makini Brice, the Flora Lewis fellow in 2015, has a new role in the Reuters DC bureau.  She was covering breaking news but has now joined the Capital Hill team. Brice had an OPC Foundation fellowship in the Reuters bureau in Dakar. 2013 Nathan S. Bienstock Memorial Scholarship winner, Jacob Kushner, has  announced that…