September 25, 2020

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September 2020
SCHOLARS New America has named Yi-Ling Liu, the Fritz Beebe Fellowship winner in 2017, as the organization’s ASU Future Security Fellow for 2021. Liu’s work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, Foreign Policy, the Economist, the New Yorker, and elsewhere. She is now writing a book about people in China who…
August 2020
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July 2020
SCHOLARS Annika Hammerschlag, winner of the 2016 Irene Corbally Kuhn scholarship, had a story in The New York Times on July 22 on how Black Lives Matter protests have inspired a call for black athletes to attend a historically Black college or university. Until COVID-19 sent her back to the U.S., Hammerschlag had been freelancing…
June 2020
SCHOLARS Sandali Handagama, winner of the 2020 Jerry Flint Fellowship for International Business Reporting, has landed an internship at CoinDesk. She will serve as reporter for the news site’s global macro and policy coverage on blockchain-based digital assets. Derek Kravitz, OPC board member and the OPC Foundation’s 2014 winner of the Harper’s Magazine Scholarship, has…
May 2020
SCHOLARS Stephen Kalin, Roy Rowan winner in 2013, has joined The Wall Street Journal as its new Middle East correspondent covering Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. Recently he was with Reuters, which he joined in 2013 as a trainee. He then became Egypt correspondent and later he was made Iraq correspondent. Most recently, he…
April 2020
SCHOLARS Kantaro Komiya, the OPC Foundation’s 2020 Stan Swinton Fellowship winner, was part of a team that was a finalist in the Society of Professional Journalists award in the category of Online In-Depth Reporting. The DePauw Solutions Journalism’s project, “Learning the Limits,” explored a campus drinking crisis which saw 19 DePauw students hospitalized for alcohol…
February-March 2020
In this installment of the People column, read about OPC Foundation scholars Anupreeta Das, Eva Dou, Ben Hubbard, Jonas Ekblom, Lisa Martine Jenkins, Dake Kang, Yi-Ling Liu and Neha Wadekar; awards for OPC Governor Josh Fine and former Governor Vivienne Walt, updates on OPC Governors, officers and members including Paula Dwyer, Kenneth R. Rosen, Krithika Varagur, Judith Matloff, Charles Graeber, Ishaan Tharoor, Rod Nordland, Thomas Goltz, Azmat Khan, and Deborah Amos; plus media news updates about the London Press Club, the Australian Associated Press, and the uncertain fate of Stars and Stripes.
January 2020
This month, read about OPC Foundation Scholars Marina Walker Guevara, A.J. Naddaff, Letícia Duarte, Alissa Greenberg, Nizar Manek, Jacob Kushner, Rajiv Golla, Ben Taub, Portia Crowe and Max de Haldevang; updates on Governors (past and present) and members including  Christiane Amanpour, Andy Katell, Paula Dwyer, Derek Kravitz, Azmat Khan, Sigrid Schultz, Ishaan Tharoor, Rebecca Fannin, Andrew Nagorski, Abigail Pesta and Leila Fadel, plus a remembrance of Karl E. Meyer.
November-December 2019
This month, read news about OPC Foundation scholars Dake Kang, Jonas Ekblom, Leticia Duarte, Audrey Gray, Jack Brook; accolades for OPC member Martyn Aim and OPC award winner Raney Aronson-Path; and updates on longtime OPC member Seymour Topping, former OPC Treasurer Abigail Pesta, Past President Bill Holstein, Governor Farnaz Fassihi, OPC members Hasan Mahmud and Kiran Nazish, OPC Award winners Jon Lee Anderson, Nariman El-Mofty and Lara Logan.
October 2019
This month, read news about OPC Foundation scholars Daphne Psaledakis, Echo Wang, Suman Naishadham, Tik Root and Marina Villeneuve; new accolades for OPC award winner Ginger Thompson; as well as updates on OPC Governors Martin Smith and Rod Nordland, former Treasurer Abigail Pesta, First Vice President Deborah Amos, OPC members Jim Huylebroek, Azad Essa, Robyn Dixon, and OPC award winner Cara Tallo.