Best Digital Reporting on International Affairs 2016


AWARD NAME: 20 Best Digital Reporting on International Affairs

AWARD RECIPIENT: Malia Politzer and Emily Kassie

AWARD RECIPIENT AFFILIATION: The Huffington Post/Pulitzer Center

AWARD HONORED WORK: “The 21st Century Gold Rush”


In a category dominated by the global refugee crisis, “The 21st Century Gold Rush” charted fresh territory in a well-traversed international issue by digging deeply into those who have profited from the refugee crisis. Spanning four countries, with characters from warlords to sex slaves, Huffington Post reporters Malia Politzer and Emily Kassie worked tirelessly to uncover a hidden side of the economics of global migration, and told it through powerful digital storytelling. Integrating text, photography, ambient video, documentary video and animations, the story was a seamless and searing window into a dangerous ecosystem that is only just coming to light.

“The 21st Century Gold Rush”

Citation Recipient: Evan Ratliff
Affiliation: The Atavist Magazine
Honored Work: “The Mastermind”
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