Best Multimedia News Presentation 2015

Left to right: Eleanor Bell, Will Fitzgibbon and Chris Zubak-Skees.

Left to right: Eleanor Bell, Will Fitzgibbon and Chris Zubak-Skees.

Best use of video, interactive graphics and slideshows to report on international news


AWARD NAME: 20 Best Multimedia News Presentation

AWARD RECIPIENTS: Eleanor Bell, Will Fitzgibbon and Chris Zubak-Skees

AWARD RECIPIENTS’ AFFILIATION: The Center for Public Integrity/International Consortium of Investigative Journalists/Pulitzer Center

AWARD HONORED WORK: “Fatal Extraction: Australian Mining in Africa”

This unprecedented and ambitious multimedia project investigates Australia’s vast, unchecked footprint in the African mining industry to expose the massacres, torture, incarceration, negligence, displacement and hundreds of deaths ignored by the world for more than a decade. It lays bare how the quest for profits kept the industry poorly regulated and how ordinary men, women and children across Africa have paid the price. Compelling multimedia storytelling allowed viewers to see and hear directly from these victims and their families, whose voices are rarely heard by the outside world.

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Citation Recipients: Ken Dornstein, Brian Funck and Michelle Mizner
Affiliation: PBS investigative series FRONTLINE
Honored Work: “My Brother’s Bomber, Inheritance, The Libya Dossier, A Brother’s Quest”
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