The Edward R. Murrow Award 2014

Best TV or video interpretation or documentary on international affairs


AWARD NAME: The Edward R. Murrow Award 2014

RECIPIENT: Rachel Boynton and Simon Kilmurry

AFFILIATION: POV, PBS and American Documentary Inc.


A surprising story that takes the viewer to an unexpected place and introduces unconventional characters. “Big Men’’ unpacks a single oil deal, in the Republic of Ghana, and examines it, Rashomon-like, from the points of view of oilmen, venture capitalists, militants, human-rights activists, politicians and citizens of other countries who have endured the same plight. It reveals a farrago of politics, corruption and greed that attends the commercialization of natural resources in developing nations. Deeply reported and compellingly told, this is investigative journalism of the highest order.

Citation for Excellence:

Marcela Gaviria
PBS Frontline and ProPublica
Firestone and the Warlord