General Excellence Online Award 2010

Best overall international coverage on a website


AWARD NAME: General Excellence Online Award 2010

AWARD RECIPIENT: Dafna Linzer, Chisun Lee, Krista Kjellman-Schmidt


AWARD HONORED WORK: “The Detention Dilemma”

In a competitive category, the judges were impressed by the scope and breadth of ProPublica’s masterful reporting project, which explores the ongoing tension between President Obama’s professed desire to shut Guantanamo Bay and the reality of governance. ProPublica vividly illustrates the power of new media by exposing online their original source material and databases for all to see. Particularly impressive are the online tools that allow readers to compare the public and secret versions of the same legal documents and to view material deleted and added from official papers – allowing readers to do their own research and draw their own conclusions.

Citation for Excellence:
The New York Times
“War Logs and State Secrets”