The Hal Boyle Award 2011

In a year of momentous events and in a category filled with outstanding entries, the stories by Chris Chivers of The New York Times from Libya and Afghanistan stood out as war reporting at its best. His superb and evocative dispatches explained why the Afghanistan war has become so difficult for the U.S., strategically, tactically and politically. Chivers’ war coverage was a remarkable blend of cool, analytical reporting and impassioned first-hand accounts of the suffering experienced by the victims. In January, his story from Afghanistan about the improved survival rates of wounded U.S. soldiers showed, with impressive documentation, an important trend in the waging of war. Later in the year, his story about the civilian victims in Libya belied assurances by NATO that its seven-month air campaign was without unintended casualties. Tough, cool and brave: these were the hallmarks of Chivers’ great reporting in 2011.