The Lowell Thomas Award 2014

Best radio or audio news or interpretation of international affairs


AWARD NAME: The Lowell Thomas Award 2014

RECIPIENT: Marine Olivesi and Aaron Schachter


HONORED WORK: “Repercussions of the Arab Spring”

In a series of stories for PRI, Marine Olivesi describes the ordinary people whose lives have been torn apart by extremism around the Middle East, from a young Libyan freedom fighter desperately searching for a brother who has joined jihadis in Syria to the fellow who regrets bringing Chechen fighters into Syria. Olivesi is a brave, enterprising, creative young reporter who took on an extremely ambitious assignment that goes way beyond the headlines to examine the origins and outcomes of extremism.

Listen to the winning stories:

The Death of a Teen Activist Marks a New Low in Benghazi’s Violence >>

Getting This Man’s Brother Back Alive From Syria Would Be ‘Nothing Short of a Miracle’ >>

Why This Syrian Man Regrets Bringing Al-Qaeda Fighters Into His Country >>

This Is Breakdancing 101, Tunisia Style >>

Citation for Excellence:

Emily Harris, Ahmed Abu Hamda and Abu Bakr Bashir
War in Gaza