The Robert Capa Gold Medal 1962

Excerpt from the 1963 Dateline for The Robert Capa Gold Medal 1962:



For Superlative Photography Requiring Exception Courage and Enterprise Abroad 

Peter Dehmel and Klaus Dehmel, NBC News

Shooting film with a hand-held camera…lying prone in cramped areas… changing film every 100 feet surrounded by sand and mud…a single light source precariously rigged…To all these difficulties add the need for utter secrecy in filming the construction of an escapee route from East Berlin. For shooting NBC News’ “The Tunnel” under these circumstances, Peter Dehmel and Klaus Dehmel received the Robert Capa Award for superlative photography requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad. For Peter, 28, “The Tunnel” was his first assignment as principal cameraman. His brother Klaus, 25, was assistant cameraman on the story.