The Robert Capa Gold Medal 1966

Excerpt from the 1967 Dateline for The Robert Capa Gold Medal 1966:

The Robert Capa gold medal award for superlatives still photography abroad, requiring exceptional courage and enterprise… HENRI HUET

Henri Huet of The Associated Press was chosen for the “stark beauty of his black-and-white photographs, his courage under fire – all in the best traditions of humanistic war photography that Robert Capa believed in.”

Huet, 40, has more experience in taking pictures of fighting in Vietnam than any other photographer.

Born in the Dalat, South Vietnam, of French and Vietnamese parents, Huet was educated in France, where he studied art and photography. He joined the French army as a combat photographer, and served three years covering France’s fruitless efforts in the Indo-China War.

Following his military service, Huet works for nine years as a photographer for the United States Information Service. He then spent several months with United Press International before becoming a member of the APs Saigon staff in 1965.

The award-winning picture: A Wounded G.I. medic–bandaged so that he could barely see, but still caring for an injured buddy.