The Bob Considine Award 2017

Best newspaper, news service or digital interpretation of international affairs


AWARD NAME: 02 The Bob Considine Award

AWARD RECIPIENT: New York Times Staff


AWARD HONORED WORK: “North Korea, and the Unthinkable”

AWARD SPONSOR: William J. Holstein and Rita Sevell

No story captured world attention in 2017 like North Korea’s claim to have developed a nuclear-armed intercontinental missile capable of unleashing a once-unthinkable war. Of the multiple media projects that explored and analyzed Kim Jong-un’s objectives, The New York Times most effectively harnessed the expertise of its correspondents around the world. Their stories explained the failed Western strategies for containing Kim, looked beyond the cartoonish portrayals of the determined young leader and detailed his success in circumventing sanctions to bankroll “parallel advance”—the loosening of constraints on private enterprise that both improved North Korea’s economy and helped Kim realize his dream of turning his nation into a nuclear power.

Read a sample of the award-winning work:

Trump Inherits Secret Cyberwar on North Korea — March 5, 2017.
First Strike Is Option Few Can Stomach — July 6, 2017.
A Young Dictator, Once Underestimated, Is Now in Firm Control — August 11, 2017.
This Missile Could Reach California. But Can North Korea Use It With a Nuclear Weapon? — September 3, 2017.
North Korean Leader’s Heroes: His Rocket Scientists — December 17, 2017.
Motives of a Young Dictator Baffle Americans and Allies — September 4, 2017.
The Art of Living Under Sanctions — May 13, 2017.
Old, Tangled Alliance Keeps China’s Hands Tied — September 6, 2017.
As Markets Spring Up, Leader’s Grip on North Korea Slackens — May 1, 2017.
Sent Abroad, North Koreans Toil as ‘Slaves’ — July 12, 2017.

Citation Recipient: Borzou Daragahi
Affiliation: BuzzFeed
Honored Work: “Iran and the US at a Crossroads”

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