13 The Continuing Coverage of Conflict Award 2023

Best reporting on a continuing international conflict or crisis in any medium

AWARD NAME: The Continuing Coverage of Conflict Award 2023
RECIPIENTS: Maggie Michael, El Tayeb Siddig, Ryan McNeill, Zohra Bensemra, Khalid Abdelaziz, Nafisa Eltahir, Aidan Lewis and Staff
HONORED WORK: “Slaughter in Sudan”

While much of the world’s attention focused on the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, this Reuters series bore witness to a systematic massacre in Sudan that has gone largely unreported. Trenchant, moving, and deeply probing, the series lays bare how one side in Sudan’s civil war unleashed a campaign of ethnic slaughter against the Masalit people of West Darfur.

Link to the winning work:
Slaughter in Sudan

Citation for Excellence:
Siegfried Modola
The Globe and Mail
“On the New Front Line in Myanmar”