The David Kaplan Award 2016

CNN Expansion Portraits
September 29, 2015
Clarissa Ward – Sr. International Correspondent

Best TV or video spot news reporting from abroad


AWARD NAME: 07 The David Kaplan Award

AWARD RECIPIENT: Clarissa Ward and team


AWARD HONORED WORK: “Undercover in Syria”

AWARD SPONSOR: Ben and Karen Sherwood

In a year marked by brave and courageous reporting, Clarissa Ward and her team at CNN stood out for the incredible risk they took to bring their stories from Syria to light. The images, editing, and writing brought jarring resonance to a critical story. With poignant interviews, CNN’s team told difficult stories without resorting to hype. It didn’t just address the what, but the why, including why doctors don’t leave and the implications for institutions under direct attack. This report exemplified international television reporting at its finest.

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