The Feature Photography Award 2015

Daniel Berehulak

Daniel Berehulak

Best feature photography published in any medium on an international theme


AWARD NAME: The Feature Photography Award 2015

RECIPIENT: Daniel Berehulak

AFFILIATION: The New York Times

HONORED WORK: “High in the Himalayas, A Search After The Nepal Quake Yields Grim Results”

These images convey grief, humanity and the scale of the tragedy. The photographer was able to tell the story from different perspectives and get close enough to connect readers with his subjects and communicate their emotions and loss.


Bhaktapur, Nepal: A husband passed salvaged belongings to his wife through the window of their earthquake-destroyed home in Bhaktapur, Nepal. In the days following the 7.8 magnitude quake, residents cautiously returned to collect whatever valuables they could find.

Members of a Nepalese rescue team worked for hours to locate and retrieve the body of an earthquake victim from the ruins of his home in Bhaktapur. The April 25 quake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000.

Nepalese villagers turn away from the downdraft of a helicopter delivering relief supplies to Gumda, a remote hillside village. The mountainous terrain meant many of the earthquake-affected villages could be reached only by air, or by hours or days on foot.

Bishnu Gurung, in red, and her family and fellow villagers react as the body of her daughter, Rejina Gurung, 3, was removed from the rubble of their earthquake-destroyed home in Gumda. Neighbors discovered the body of the girl in the collapsed entrance of the Gurung family home, ending a 13-day search.

Nepalese security workers search rubble for bodies as residents try to find salvageable valuables in their earthquake-destroyed homes in Bhaktapur. Over 2.8 million people were left homeless by the quake.

A girl rests on a bed frame salvaged from the ruins of her home in the village of Barpak. In the village, the epicenter of the April 25 earthquake and one of the larger villages in the mountainous Gorkha district, 1,200 out of 1,475 houses were destroyed. Local authorities said 69 people were killed, 50 were seriously injured and some were still missing.

Earthquake-flattened homes are seen from an Indian military helicopter above a village in the Nuwakot district. The helicopter was unable to find a stable or large enough area to land, so it hovered above the narrow hillside farmland, and army personnel threw food from the aircraft.

An elderly villager, left, injured during the earthquake, and fellow villagers inside an Indian Army helicopter after being evacuated from Philim during a joint relief and rescue mission by Indian and Nepalese military.

Residents searching for salvageable items in their earthquake-destroyed home in the village of Barpak, Nepal, the epicenter of the April 25 earthquake.

Villagers look through a fence as a helicopter shuttling food relief and supplies prepares to take off from Charikot, Nepal.

Barpak, Nepal: Saainli Gurung is consoled by neighbors and family after the body of her son Pur Bahadur Gurung, 26, was discovered under a trail leading through the rubble of houses in Barpak.

Kathmandu, Nepal: Flames rise from funeral pyres during the cremation of earthquake victims at the Pashupatinath Temple on the banks of Bagmati River, a sacred Hindu cremation site in Kathmandu.


Citation Recipient: Mario Tama
Affiliation: Getty Images
Honored Work: “Brazil’s Afflictive Prison System”
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