The Joe and Laurie Dine Award 2015

David Rohde, left, and Charles Levinson.

David Rohde, left, and Charles Levinson.

Best international reporting in any medium dealing with human rights


AWARD NAME: The Joe and Laurie Dine Award 2015

RECIPIENTS: David Rohde and Charles Levinson


HONORED WORK: “Guantanamo Bay”

The team’s superb reporting addresses one of America’s biggest human rights failings: the continued existence of the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay. Among other revelations, they broke new ground about the prevalence of torture in Guantanamo Bay and the CIA’s sexual abuse of prisoners. Rohde and Levinson dug through thousands of pages of legal files to unearth information that had not been published previously. The series also explains why Guantanamo Bay still has not been closed and provides new information about the Military Commission, how a court meant to supervise Guantanamo was open to manipulation and how the transfer of prisoners was delayed by the Pentagon even after countries had been found to take them. This depressing and provocative series did what the best reporting should do: report unflinchingly what had been hidden.

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