17 The Joe and Laurie Dine Award 2023

Best international reporting in any medium dealing with human right

AWARD NAME: The Joe and Laurie Dine Award 2023
RECIPIENTS: Isobel Yeung, Maya Rostowska, Daniel Vergara, Kateryna Malofieieva, Sean Stephens and Staff
HONORED WORK: “Stealing Ukraine’s Children”

The VICE team produced a chilling, indelible film about one of the most wrenching human rights abuses of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: the transfer of thousands of Ukrainian children to Russian-controlled territory. The International Criminal Court has described these deportations as war crimes, but the families’ stories have been obscured by the chaos of the wider conflict. VICE trains a sharp focus on the Russians implicated in the program and the Ukrainian families caught up in it. Granted rare access to a camp for Ukrainian children inside Russia, VICE takes viewers inside an Orwellian tableau of military uniforms and patriotic songs, interviewing children who have become unwitting spoils of the conflict. Presenter Isobel Yeung skillfully navigates this sinister landscape, negotiating with her Russian minders and probing for answers. In a remarkable exchange with the Russian official behind the program, Yeung lays bare the disinformation and cynicism behind the invasion. This is video journalism at its bravest and stands out amid all the powerful reporting about the war.

Link to the winning work:
Stealing Ukraine’s Children

Citation for Excellence:
Majed Neisi, Sasha Joelle Achilli, James Allnutt and Dan Edge
“Inside the Iranian Uprising”