The Lowell Thomas Award 2016

Left to right: Emily Harris, Gabe O’Connor, Barry Gordemer, Michael May and Larry Kaplow.

Best radio, audio, or podcast news or interpretation of international affairs.


AWARD NAME: 06 The Lowell Thomas Award

AWARD RECIPIENTS: Emily Harris, Gabe O’Connor, Barry Gordemer, Michael May and Larry Kaplow


AWARD HONORED WORK: “Moments of Change for Palestinians and Israelis”

What causes people to change their minds, their beliefs, their view of the forces shaping their lives? These four powerful and nuanced stories describe such pivotal moments for people living in the middle of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Emily Harris introduces us to a Palestinian man whose empathy transforms him from revenge seeker to peace activist. Then we meet a Palestinian woman, long involved in peace activism, who becomes alienated from the process and from her former Israeli friends. An Israeli woman changes from settlement opponent to West Bank settler. And a former Israeli soldier, once a proud defender of the nation, suddenly sees himself as “occupier” when he smiles at a young Palestinian girl and catches her look of fear in response. These profound transformations, pulling in different directions, deftly remind listeners of the many facets of this conflict, and they presage the challenges of finding a lasting peace.

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Citation Recipient: Jasmine Garsd
Affiliation: PRI’s The World
Honored Work: “Women of Colombia’s War”

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