12 The Morton Frank Award 2022

Best international business news reporting in TV, video, radio, audio or podcast

AWARD NAME: The Morton Frank Award 2022
RECIPIENT: David Scott, Cho Park, Evan Simon, John Carlos Frey, Cindy Galli, Candace Smith Chekwa and Eman Varoqua
HONORED WORK: “Impact x Nightline: Caffeine Jungle”

Not many American coffee drinkers think about how the purchase of “ethically certified” coffee actually improves the lives of those on the plantations. The ABC team, led by correspondent David Scott, journeyed to the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico to see if conditions at “certified” farms matched the pledges made to consumers by Fairtrade International and the Rainforest Alliance. Three Rainforest farms where ABC documented coffee picking by child labor lost their certifications. At Fairtrade farms, the investigation showed that even the hardest working farmers struggled to get fair prices for their coffee, despite Fairtrade’s efforts to establish a minimum price. This story highlights the gap between selling consumers idealism and real life at the beginning of the coffee supply chain.

Link to the honored work:
Impact x Nightline: Caffeine Jungle

Citation for Excellence:
Neville Gillett, Matt Goldman, Katharina Glanz, Leila Hussain, William Clowes, Rubab Shakir and Simpa Sampson
Bloomberg News
“Black Snow: Nigeria’s Oil Catastrophe”