09 The Peter Jennings Award 2017

Left to right: Evgeny Alfineevsky, Aaron I. Butler and Den Tolmor

Best TV, video or documentary about international affairs one hour or longer


AWARD NAME: 09 The Peter Jennings Award

AWARD RECIPIENT: Evgeny Alfineevsky, Den Tolmor and Aaron I. Butler


AWARD HONORED WORK: “Cries from Syria”

AWARD SPONSOR: The Jennings Family

This remarkable documentary, “Cries from Syria”, serves as an important contribution to the reporting on the Syrian crisis, one of the most challenging conflicts for foreign journalists to cover. By combining footage shot by activists and ordinary citizens with interviews with Syrians who have survived the war, the film masterfully captures a story that is both personal and comprehensive. The filmmaker sheds light on the human toll of the Syrian conflict and highlights the extent of the Syrian government’s war crimes against its own people. It is a film that not only informs and raises awareness of the ongoing war but also memorializes the Syrians who were on the front lines of the conflict.

Citation Recipients: Michael Kirk, Mike Wiser, Jim Gilmore, Philip Bennett, David E. Hoffman and Raney Aronson-Rath
Affiliation: PBS FRONTLINE
Honored Work: “Putin’s Revenge”

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