The Peter Jennings Award 2020

James Bluemel, left, and Jo Abel

Best TV, video or documentary about international affairs with a run time over 30 minutes


AWARD NAME: The Peter Jennings Award 2020

AWARD RECIPIENTS: James Bluemel and Jo Abel


AWARD HONORED WORK: “Once Upon a Time in Iraq”

AWARD SPONSOR: The Jennings Family

A searing documentary narrated exclusively by the most authoritative of experts: ordinary Iraqis who survived the tumultuous history unleashed after the fall and execution of Saddam Hussein. In intimate interviews, these men and women share the brief joy, then the long disillusionment, grief and terror they experienced as their country moved from the Saddam era through frightening periods of street warfare, sectarian violence and the ruthless occupation of ISIS. Countless stories have reported the details of those years, often with a focus on the actions and policies of the U.S. But the producers of this film have shown us how little we understood of how Iraqis experienced the impact of those policies. In telling us how they endured, these Iraqis have brought a new depth of understanding to America’s legacy in their country.

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No Citation awarded.

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