The Whitman Bassow Award 2018

Abrahm Lustgarten

Best reporting in any medium on international environmental issues


AWARD NAME: The Whitman Bassow Award

AWARD RECIPIENT: Abrahm Lustgarten

AWARD RECIPIENT AFFILIATION: ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine

AWARD HONORED WORK: Fuel to the Fire


A profoundly reported work on multiple levels, “Fuel to the Fire” dissects a man-made ecological disaster: how a U.S. biofuels policy engineered mainly to serve corporate interests combined with Indonesian political corruption to devastate Southeast Asian forests and trigger a surge in carbon emissions. Abrahm Lustgarten embraces a complex issue, attacks its many dimensions head on, lucidly enlightens the reader, and offers the public a possible roadmap for action.

Citation for Excellence Recipients: Maurice Tamman, Matthew Green, Mari Saito, Sarah Slobin and Maryanne Murray
Affiliation: Reuters
Honored Work: “Ocean Shock”

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