May 23, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

A Master Class in Investigative Reporting from the AP’s ‘Fruits of Labor’ Team

After two years of relentless reporting, the AP’s Margie Mason and Robin McDowell delivered a powerful three-part series, Fruits of Labor, on the abusive practices of the international palm oil industry. The series was a Pulitzer finalist and won nearly a dozen major awards. Mason and McDowell showed how the everyday products we use, from soaps and lipstick to peanut butter and Girl Scout cookies, are produced at the expense of enslaved and abused workers, including children who are forced into labor and women facing violence.

Join the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY to learn from these two reporters how they found sources and chased leads to get to the truth. Ron Nixon, the AP’s global investigations editor, will open with a brief discussion of the challenges of investigative reporting in the current media environment. The panel will be moderated by Jane Sasseen, executive director of the McGraw Center for Business Journalism, which supported the AP project.

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