February 29, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

Are China and Russia Accelerating their Cyber Campaigns Against the United States?

Please note that this event has been moved to Club Quarters at 40 W. 45th St, New York.

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The co-authors of Battlefield Cyber: How China and Russia Are Undermining Our Democracy and National Security will argue that Chinese state-supported entities appear to be accelerating their cyber and espionage attacks against the U.S. government and military, as evidenced by their sending of a spy balloon across the United States and attempts to penetrate U.S. military communications in Guam. Chinese actors also have broken new ground by penetrating the Microsoft Outlook cloud email servers that host the State and Commerce Departments, placing malware in U.S. critical infrastructure that The New York Times called a “ticking time bomb,” and penetrating the U.S. Navy’s secrets, as per the two recent arrests of Chinese-American sailors in California. Russia, for its part, is behind a surge in ransomware attacks against schools and universities, hospitals and businesses around the world.

Co-authors Michael G. McLaughlin and OPC Past President William J. Holstein also will argue that the two authoritarian giants are seeking to undermine Americans’ confidence in their own institutions and their democratic political system in large part by creating and fanning divisive and polarizing content on social media.

John Avlon, a vice president of the OPC who is senior political analyst and an anchor at CNN will moderate the discussion.

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