April 23, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

From Journalist to Entrepreneur: Creating Your Next (and Biggest) Moneymaking Opportunity

With traditional journalism jobs disappearing, it’s more than likely that the challenge to earn a living is a lot higher than when you started your career. Instead of looking for employment, our panel members decided to use the expertise they gained from covering their markets to create their own companies.

Find out the secret to their success, as well as the pitfalls they encountered. Learn what you can do to create your next career opportunity.

The panelists are:

Charlie Welsh, co-founder of The Mergermarket Group and Inside International Industrials, which focuses on international trade opportunities for corporations.

Gabriel DeSanctis, CEO and Editor in Chief of REDD (Risk Event-Driven Distressed), the leading online provider of material intelligence on distressed and high yield event driven special situations.

Christian Murray, founder and editor-in-chief of LICPost.com and three other Queens-based local news websites.

Anyone interested in attending this event must sign up by Friday, September 16th. If your name is not on the list submitted to security you will not be able to get into the building.

RSVP: contact@nyfwa.org