April 12, 2024

Global Journalist Security: 5-Day Hostile Environments & Emergency First-Aid


This 5-Day course prepares conflict reporters, humanitarians and diplomats for high-risk environments. Risk assessment, planning and situational awareness are imparted through a mixture of classroom presentations and increasingly intense training scenarios. Trainees learn the skills, knowledge and nuances they need. This includes learning about their own reactions to stress to help them perform with more equilibrium under pressure. Course modules include : emergency first-aid – Tactical Combat Casualty Care and vehicle accident protocols; improvised stretchers & carries; weapons & ballistics; risk reduction in terrorist & targeted environments, personal safety against assault and hostile mobs; IEDs, booby-traps & landmines; ordnance & combat hazards – snipers, artillery & grenades; checkpoint protocols & navigation; evasion under pursuit; group dynamics under pressure; kidnapping & proof-of-life; interrogations; captivity survival & resilience. Training occurs in day and nighttime environments.

Cost: $2,995 including local transportation and all meals at remote training locations.To reserve a place for a class, please send an email to gjs@journalistsecurity.net,or call 202-352-1736. We accept major credit cards and other forms of payment.

Freelance Journalists may apply for funding from the Rory Peck Trust.