April 23, 2024

Global Journalist Security Training: 5-Day Hostile Environments & Emergency First-Aid Urban Environments Class


This week-long HEFAT class prepares humanitarian professionals, journalists and others for urban environments and related random and targeted risks. The curriculum focuses on emergency first-aid, vehicle accidents, improvised stretchers & carries, situational awareness, street crime, travel security including vehicle safety and drivers, mob protests and sexual assault, personal safety, awareness of weapons and ballistics, ordnance and combat hazards, hostile interrogations and surviving captivity, basic digital hygiene and emotional self-care. The final day of this course focuses on physical surveillance awareness and detection, and appropriate contingency planning. Cost: $2,695 including local transportation and all meals at remote training locations.

Classes are open to NGO workers, journalists, diplomats and others.

*Freelance journalists may apply for funding for any 5-Day course from the Rory Peck Trust in London.

To reserve a place for a class, please send an email to gjs AT journalistsecurity DOT net, or call 202-352-1736. We accept major credit cards and other forms of payment.