May 21, 2022

Live to Tell: Debate on the Safety of Journalists

The International News Safety Institute is hosting a critical
debate on the safety of journalists under current and future threat.

Keynote speaker is David Schlesinger, Editor-in-Chief of Reuters. He will be
joined by Oliver Vujovic, Secretary-General of the South East Europe Media
Organisation (SEEMO), Gavin Rees, Director of Dart Centre Europe, Reuters
Chief Photographer Yannis Behrakis and other major press and broadcast

The event will be presented by global media figure Elizabeth Filippouli,
former presenter and correspondent for ERT, CNN and Al Jazeera.

INSI, a non-profit charity backed by a unique coalition of concerned news
organisations, humanitarian groups and individual journalists, seeks to help
colleagues survive all kinds of hostile environments, from killings and
kidnappings to warfare and natural disasters. It is the only journalist
organisation in the world solely focused on safety.

In the past seven years the threats have multiplied and circumstances
surrounding reporting have changed. Technology takes journalists ever closer
to danger, citizen journalism and the new media expose many newcomers to the
threats the professionals have long faced, the Internet makes journalists
dispensable to criminal groups that once needed them for publicity,
kidnapping has proliferated — and impunity for the killers of journalists
has encouraged more of the same.

INSI is reorganising to better address the issues. It aims to strengthen its
regional ties to areas where many journalists work in daily danger, such as
South East Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, while
reinforcing its global information and safety training work.

It is holding a series of safety debates with leading media practitioners to
focus on and analyse the issues of today – and prepare for tomorrow.

Please come and add your experience and voice to help shape a safer future
for journalists around the world.

For more information contact Rodney Pinder, Director
Tel: +44 7734 709267 or

Hannah Storm, Project Manager

Tel: +44 20 7542 1063