May 23, 2024

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Meet the 2023 Maria Moors Cabot Honorees: a Conversation with World-class Reporters Covering Latin America

This event is in Spanish, but English translation will be available for in-person attendees, and will also be streamed live via Google Meet with English subtitles via this link.

To access the translation on Google Meet, use the following steps:

1. On your computer, open Google Meet.
2. In your meeting, click More options Moreand then Settings Settingsand then Captions"".
3. Turn on captions.
4. Select Language of the meeting.
5. Turn on translated captions.
6. Select the language to translate into.

RSVP for in-person attendance is mandatory without a Columbia ID card.

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The Maria Moors Cabot Prizes are the oldest international awards in journalism and were founded in 1938. The prizes recognize journalists and news organizations with a distinguished body of work that has contributed to Inter­-American understanding. This year’s honorees, hailing from Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia and the United States, have spent decades covering the region for organizations such as the New York Times and the Associated Press as well as their own grassroots media platforms, following the major conflicts of our era and exposing corruption at the highest levels.

Our 2023 invited guests will be in conversation with Juan Manuel Benítez, Columbia University professor of Local Journalism and former bilingual reporter at Spectrum News NY1. The discussion will take place in two parts:

Reporters covering North and Central America:

  • Alejandra Xanic – Mexico
  • Nayeli Roldan – Mexico
  • Miguel Mendoza – Nicaragua

Reporters covering South America:

  • June Carolyn Erlick – US
  • Joshua Goodman – US
  • Carlos Eduardo Huertas – Colombia

This event is presented in conjunction with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Overseas Press Club.