August 17, 2022

Event Coverage Highlight

PHOTOS & VIDEO: OPC Awards Dinner

The OPC’s 79th Annual Awards Dinner forged new ground this year, held for the first time at a new location, Cipriani 25 Broadway, as well as the launch of two newly named award categories. Keynote speaker Joseph Kahn, managing editor of The New York Times, struck an urgent note during his remarks, reminding attendees that “journalism at the moment is under relentless attack,” from critics, both domestic and abroad, who seek to undermine trust in media. José Díaz-Balart, news anchor for Noticias Telemundo and NBC News, hosted the awards. The club raised more than $22,000 in a text-to-pledge campaign for a special fund to support freelancers.

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OPC President Deidre Depke introduces the parents of Kim Wall, Ingrid and Joachim Wall, who lit the Candle of Remembrance for journalists who have been imprisoned, killed or harassed while doing their jobs.

Kathy Gannon Receives the OPC President’s Award

OPC President Deidre Depke presents the President’s Award to Kathy Gannon, “for courage under fire and a deep commitment to bringing light to dark places.”


Slideshow from the Annual Awards Dinner:

OPC President Deidre Depke, left, with Ingrid and Joachim Wall, center, and OPC Executive Director Patricia Kranz during the ceremonial lighting of the Candle of Remembrance. Photo: Steve Moore.

José Díaz-Balart, presenter. Photo: Steve Moore

Past OPC Presidents: Allan Dodds Frank, David Andelman, Michael Serrill, Deidre Depke (current), Marcus Mabry and William J. Holstein. Photo: Steve Moore

Kathy Gannon, senior correspondent for Pakistan and Afghanistan for the AP, accepts this year’s
OPC Presdent’s Award. Photo: Steve Moore

Left to right: Jay Davies, Leon Neal and Pancho Bernasconi. Photo: Steve Moore

Joseph Kahn, managing editor of The New York Times, gives keynote remarks. Photo: Steve Moore

Deidre Depke, left, and Patricia Kranz. Photo: Steve Moore

Sarah Lubman, chair of the dinner committee. Photo: Steve Moore

Azmat Khan, left, and Basim Razzo. Photo: Steve Moore

Left to right: Kayce Freed Jennings, Andrew Metz, Raney Aronson-Rath and Jordan Kronick. Photo: Steve Moore

Left to right: Bronwyn Staff, Brian Byrd and Marcus Mabry.Photo: Steve Moore

Deborah Amos. Photo: Steve Moore.

Left to right: Jonathan Ade, Ed Ou, Elise Cocker and Aurora Almendral. Photo: Steve Moore.

Left to right: Doug Jehl, John Daniszewski and Patricia Kranz. Photo: Steve Moore.

Han Tjan, left, and Maria Jannace. Photo: Steve Moore.

Steve Kroft, left, with Matt Lev. Photo: Steve Moore.

Left to right: Joseph Kahn, Rebecca Blumenstein and Shannon Wu. Photo: Steve Moore.

Left to right: Suzanne Barlyn, Nadia Damouni and Sarah Lubman. Photo: Steve Moore.

Linda Fasulo. Photo: Steve Moore.

Josh Fine, left, and David A. Andelman. Photo: Steve Moore.

Ingrid and Joachim Wall, left, and Patricia Kranz during the ceremonial lighting of the Candle of Remembrance. Photo: Steve Moore.

William J. Holstein, left, and Clay Bennett. Photo: Steve Moore.

Left to right: William J. Holstein, Allan Dodds Frank and David A. Andelman. Photo: Steve Moore.

Hannah McCarthy, left, and Sam Evans-Brown. Photo: Steve Moore.

Tim Ferguson, left, and Evelyn Leopold. Photo: Steve Moore.

Left to right, Hannah McCarthy, Sam Evans-Brown and Yvonne Dunleavy. Photo: Steve Moore.

Left to right: Bill Collins, Allan Dodds Frank and Michael Serrill. Photo: Steve Moore.

Emma Daly, left, and Minky Worden. Photo: Steve Moore.

Photo: Steve Moore.

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Photos: Steve Moore

The Hal Boyle Award

The Bob Considine Award

The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award

The Olivier Rebbot Award

Best Feature Photography Award

The Lowell Thomas Award

The David Kaplan Award

The Edward R. Murrow Award

The Peter Jennings Award

The Ed Cunningham Award

The Thomas Nast Award

The Morton Frank Award

The Malcolm Forbes Award

The Cornelius Ryan Award

The Madeline Dane Ross Award

The David A. Andelman and Pamela Title Award

The Joe and Laurie Dine Award

The Whitman Bassow Award

The Robert Spiers Benjamin Award

The Kim Wall Award

The Roy Rowan Award

Best Commentary Award