April 12, 2024

Right Before Your Eyes: Photography Driven by Social Change

A single photograph can change the world. One moment captured by a photographer’s lens has the power to shift public policy, spark human rights campaigns and alter the course of wars. In this era of visual saturation, with images circulating the globe at unprecedented scale and speed, it is more important than ever for mission-driven organizations to create high-impact visual media that fuel awareness and inspire action.

Right Before Your Eyes, PhotoPhilanthropy pays tribute to the commitment of photographers who are raising awareness for the most pressing social issues around the world today, from August 16-September 10. On any given day, across the globe photojournalists are serving as witnesses, observers, and agents of change. Each photo included in the exhibition is part of a larger photo-essay, and represents a reflective collaboration between a photographer and a nonprofit organization.

PhotoPhilanthropy addresses critical social and environmental issues around the world by providing nonprofits and photographers with the resources to work together to create images that drive social change.

PhotoPhilanthropy’s Advisory Council Includes: Phil Borges, Anne Marie Burgoyne, David Burnett, Valenda Campbell, Keith Jenkins, Doug McConnell, Ed Kashi, Nion McEvoy, Mauree Jane Perry, Sandra S. Phillips, Julie Shafer and Kirby Walker.

For more information about PhotoPhilanthropy visit photophilanthropy.org

The exhibition will be free and open to the public daily. For more detailed information about visiting and hours, please visit the “Exhibit” page on the United Nations website.